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Our services are classified upon corporate functions

We have different solutions for different business functions.

Our Services

You are the director or project manager? You need to fill up the planning of your sales agents? You wish to give more time to your accounting teams for management and analysis? You need flexibility to deal with an activity with high importance? Your business is growing and your administrative services are not able to catch up? Your IT projects generate more and more administrative work, your teams need help?

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Our teams integrate our customers’ management processes. We truly act as internal stakeholders with the same level of requirements. We receive financial customers on the phone, process their orders and may also collect their needs to enable our customer to ensure effective monitoring and increase sales. We also provide expertise and advice on marketing campaigns in order to increase sales of our client.

  • Multi-channel management of incoming and outgoing calls
  • Customer Services’ mails and letters
  • Telephone surveys
  • Questionnaires input
  • Targeting, qualifying files
  • Making appointments
  • Sales planning Management
  • Cross-selling
  • Sales Campaign
  • Support sales, lounge, store

Finance & Administration

We study each case with you, your ideas, development projects, transition, restructuring and we design customised service offerings. We provide a range of services and tools which are integrated in our global solutions. Our solutions are composed of the required means which allow you to achieve your growth objectives and to realise your business plans.

  • Credit control
  • Monitor financial plan
  • Multi Services Contract Execution, multi stakeholder, multi-currency
  • Analyze new client acquisition
  • Order taking and money collection
  • Money collection and bank reconciliation
  • Cash Tracking
  • Europeans telebanking
  • European E-banking
  • Discount for collection
  • Optimization of customer payment time
  • Business plan

Accounting & Management

We have professions, areas of expertise on the various corporate functions, acquired during more than 20 years of practice in more than 12 European countries.

We put them at your disposal and dedicate our services for the realisation of your projects. Our teams are trained upon the customer’s countries standards and methods , we set our benchmarks to your different requirements

  • Accounts receivable management
  • Accounts Payable Management
  • Accounting
  • Elaboration of accounting journals
  • Recording invoices
  • Cash Entry
  • Bank Reconciliation
  • Payment plan Management
  • Debt recovery
  • Control management state
  • Establish operational reports
  • Preparation of financial statements
  • Sales Order Processing

Litigation & Legal

Your companies face complex cases. Legal actions are multiplying and mobilize skilled resources for monitoring and management of steps undertaken. We can provide our support teams to your various services and relieve your staff so that they can develop your business.

  • Management of bad debts
  • Preparation of pre-litigation procedures
  • Preparation of litigation procedures
  • Monitoring of litigation files with justice stakeholders
  • National and European summons payment
  • Assist and monitor judiciary procedures
  • Certificate of non-recovery

IT & Telecom

We have tools that fit our clients’ business needs; we have a platform of experts who can intervene in project management and application development which can ensure a 24/7 service.

Business intelligence, Business expert, Support managers, Developers and Project Managers are available at your service.

  • Website development
  • Development of applications
  • Hotline offices
  • Support to the migration of information systems
  • Data entry
  • Database Qualification
  • Database Enrichment
  • IF Migration Support
  • Telecommunications Mauritius / France / Europe
  • Service Continuity Plan
  • Contract Management Tool
  • Management Tool litigation
  • Levies Management Tool
  • Direct debit management tool
  • Shared calendars management tools

Remote assistance/hotline

  • Support and advice in using products and services
  • Use of information systems (help desks)
  • Problem solving measures related to improper sales (after sales service)
  • Crisis management

Market research

  • Market analysis
  • Évaluation de la réputation et de l’image
  • Quality evaluation of services related to the customers
  • Pretest of the products


  • Development of upmarket and cross-selling
  • Processing of requests for information and complaints
  • Optimization of subscription management


  • Meeting set-up to confirm effective sales force
  • File set-up following media campaign
  • Traffic creation towards the point of sales

Data processing

  • Adverts on the online platform
  • Online sales
  • Directory
  • Database
  • Coupons
  • Accounting services

Our 24/7 services

  • Multichannel retail management
  • Customer support through both incoming and outgoing calls
  • Collection services
  • Meeting set-ups
  • Telephone surveys
  • French and European accounting
  • Salary and human resource management
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